Everyone has needed another chance and yours ... Begins Here

Coaching & Tools For Anyone Seeking to Master the Art of Starting Over in EVERY Aspect of Life.

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Regroup Without Regret

It is so great that you have made your way here and it is our mission to be able to help you!

Everyone has had an opportunity that would make some kind of difference in their lives...and SQUANDERED it. And we have all been in a position to wish that we could have another chance to do some things differently than we did them the first time around. 

That’s where WE come in. 

We know that each decision that you make in your life has the potential to start a domino effect of sorts – building your confidence in your ability to make good decisions and strengthening your belief that your positive thoughts about yourself and your abilities are true, and we are so excited about helping you build great patterns to reinforce that cycle of thinking.


To Your Fresh Start!

LaKierra S Johnson
CEO | Master Certified Coach & Trainer

LSJ Coaching & Consulting