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It's Your Time!


How many times have you wanted to start all over? Nearly everyone has said at some point "if I had it to do all over again..." or "if I knew then what I know now...". Well, that's what I will help you do. I will show you how to harness the hard-learned lessons of your life experiences and create the Ultimate Do-Over. 

It's ok to fail. It's even ok to fail multiple times. Because if you've been bold enough to try and fail more than once, then you already understand why starting over is not something that many people have mastered how to do well. 


There is something empowering about having the guts to regroup without regret, take responsibility for your own actions,  AND accept the results of your decisions. And when you can see ANY amount of progress, beyond the last place the bottom completely fell out of your plans, then you know you're getting closer to your goal. 

Everyone who has ever had any type of success, also, has some really dark chapters in their success story. It doesn't matter how many mistakes you've made. What matters is how much you've learned from them and whether you've learned how to use those mistakes to pave the road to where you're headed.

I've had great paying jobs, lived in a very nice place of my own, went out with friends on a regular basis, and happily loved and was loved on by a special someone in my life. BUT, I've also been where you, quite possibly, still are. I've been unexpectedly (and sometimes expectedly) fired from my job, I've been homeless, I've lost friends, I've been heartbroken, and I've even broken a few hearts in a few failed relationships. There have been times when I've pulled up my bank account only to see a couple of cents in the balance; and days where I had to make a choice between getting food and getting gas to work or to get home. 

And I had to be honest with myself, deal with the issues that played huge parts in my getting to so low a point, and find a way to start over and get back on my feet. And, now, I help people just like you to deal with their issues and do that same thing. I help people at rock bottom, start over. And I will help you, too. 

How will I help you? I will help you create the Do-Over that you need and show you how to reset your life by learning how to let go of your past, learning how to forgive yourself and others, and learning how to take control of your life by becoming your true beautiful authentic self. 

I will share everything I've learned and all of the lessons I've garnered as a result of my mistakes. I will help you to build a solid foundation on which you can construct your very own DoOver at life using the wisdom you've gained and the information you wish you had the first time around. 


New beginnings will always be necessary. But fresh starts also require certain skills. And when I teach you these skills, not only will you make a graceful reboot look like child's play, but you will have finally "Mastered the Art of Starting Over".

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Master the Art of Starting Over

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